January 11, 2013

Doing the Table Dance, Feeling the Flow

And now, for something NOT renovation-related. I was recently asked to make a console table for an office kitchen. I will save you the time so you don't have to say "But Gaines, you ripped that idea off from Ana-White.com!" and let you know that I ripped the idea off from Ana-White.com. It isn't the first time, and it certainly won't be the last, because she makes great stuff and the plans are relatively easy to follow.

So, while the design concept is not original to me, the finished product is. The plans, while a wonderful head start, were too big for the space in which the table would go. So I did some quick math, and got creative. I eliminated the center support post, and added feet to give it some extra height.

I'm becoming a big fan of the two-tone look, like the rocking chair I re-finished for Campbell. So, I did that for this one too. Although you absolutely cannot tell from the crappy photos, it turned out great (in my not-so-humble opinion) and looks like something you could get at Pottery Barn.

I wont waste your (and my) time by going into the building details, because you can just click on the Ana White link above for instructions. With that said, here's how it turned out.

Editor's Note: These pics were taken with my iPhone camera, and are one very small step above being completely useless. My phone might as well have given me the finger when I tried to take these pics. In an effort to edit them to be somewhat respectable, I blurred the background. It was an epic fail on many levels and I will try my best to use our actual camera in the future.

The materials
Stained top with raw wood base, before painting

Another view before the paint job

The table top, with and without Minwax Early American stain

Finished product


  1. it's gorgeous, rustic, and fab!

    hope you'll stop over soon--we'd love to have you.


  2. This is absolutely amazing!! I'd love to have your talent!!