I play with power tools. I frequent estate sales. I'm the guy you see on the side of the street, shoving old furniture left on the curb into my car.

Why? I like the challenge of reviving forgotten or discarded items, making the old new again. What most people would call junk, I consider a new project, or the missing piece to an existing one.

Re-purposing, upcycling or restoration - it has many names. Some even call it art. I just call it fun.

What started as a simple hobby for me, an escape from my daily grind alter ego, has morphed into something much larger than that - a creative obsession.

I am completely self-taught and don't claim to be an expert at anything. I'm not in this for fortune or fame, because if I were, I'd be failing miserably at both. I'm just sharing my journey and if, along the way, I inspire someone to do the same, even better. That being said, a lot of the things I make are for sale, and I do custom pieces as well.

If you stumbled onto my site by accident, thanks for the page view. If you found me because you liked something I made, I'm honored and grateful. Either way, I hope you enjoy what you find and hope you'll visit again soon.

Contact me if you're interested in something I've already made or if you'd like to discuss a custom order.

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