November 18, 2013

God, Give Me a Sign

I totally meant to do a post about this sooner, to allow a little bit more time before the holidays but a few things caused a delay. Well one thing, really, all 9 pounds, 11 ounces of him. So, three weeks later...boom, sign post.

I've made - and posted about - a lot of projects over the last year or so, but I've drifted towards making a lot of custom signs in the last few months. What started out as a Christmas gift idea for family last year has turned into a seemingly legitimate business opportunity, completely by accident.

As for quality, well, I'll let some of my customer reviews, which are totally real and not at all biased, speak to that:

"I'm so proud of my son and his signs. It seems like just yesterday, he was 6 years old and sniffing gasoline in the garage."
- My mom

"I am astounded at Gaines' ability to finally be able to color inside the lines."
- My first grade teacher

"Dada. Signs. Yesh."
- My daughter, Campbell

Thanks to Etsy and word of mouth, people from North Carolina to South Dakota (seriously - did you know there is at least one Arkansas Razorbacks fan in South Dakota? It's true.) have been ordering them. I put a lot of time and pride into making each one unique and, sometimes to my detriment, I agree to most requests to customize one them with a name or personalized message.

So, if you're looking for a unique gift idea for a friend or family member for Christmas, please consider one of my signs as a not-so-terrible alternative to a Starbuck's gift card or sweater vest. If you don't see your school in my Etsy listings, just email me - chances are, I can make it. If you don't want a school, that's cool too, because I can totally do words 'n' stuff too. Hell, I made this sign by hand using just a depression-era photo:

Basically, I'm saying you could do way worse than a Christmas gift from Sawdust Designs. On a somewhat related note, I'm way better at making signs than I am at shameless self-promotion...

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