November 26, 2012

Meanwhile, in the Land of Dog

I pinky swear that the renovation blog posts are almost over. I know that lately, I have sort of strayed from the original theme of this blog to bring you updates on our foreclosure-to-fantastic home renovation. I still have a few more small projects in the works, but starting with the next post, I will get back to covering projects I can only assume you thought you'd be reading about when you stumbled across my humble blog. In the projects!

To recap, these are my dogs. Guinness, the one wearing the latest in dog fashion accessories, is nine and I'm pretty sure he is the best dog I will ever own. Knox is 2, and he is an asshole. Affectionate and adorable at times, but that doesn't make him any less of an asshole.

Last we left Dumb and Dumber, I had to build a pallet bridge and lay down flagstones to cover a mud pit they created. Well, I ran out of rocks. It happens. Sure, I could have bought some for $389/pallet, but I don't pay for rocks. It is one of my life rules, right up there with "never get a Chinese symbol tattoo." I mean, they are rocks, and if you know where to look, you can find them. Hint: Start by looking down at the ground.

Here is a little before/after so you can see what that area looks like now.

And the (somewhat) full shot, complete with the new firewood stack I threw under the back porch.

Door Scratch Cover
We also just finished painting our front and back doors red. Depending on which story you like to believe, a red door on a home either: 1) signifies good luck, 2) welcomes guests, 3) wards off evil spirits or 4) represents a Christian home. Personally, I just think a red main door on a home looks good, but I'm also on board with any of those supposed meanings.

However, whenever we come home, Knox and Guinness have a ridiculously annoying habit of reminding us they are outside by scratching incessantly on the back door. While I appreciate the subtle reminder, I don't want to have to re-paint the door every week. So, I figured out a really cheap and fairly easy way to protect the door.

No Dog Whisperer needed; just a clear acrylic sheet, some wood screws and washers. Let's be honest, it's not going to win any design awards, but since it is clear, it is not as blatantly obvious as, say a metal cover, and hey, it cost less than $20. #Win

P.S...I know for a fact that Lowe's will cut the sheet to your specs fo' free.

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  1. I clicked on your post from MMS Furniture Feature Friday to check out your pallet bridge- which is way cool-but I really knew that I was going to become a follower when you said that your dog is an asshole. I have a cat who's an asshole so I instantly knew what you meant.. I appreciate your frank approach to writing. Best laugh I've had today.
    For some reason I've always thought that the red door thing was from the "red light district" reference.