October 31, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who's the biggest DIY badass of them all? OK, certainly not me, but Court and I are still high-fiving each other over the results of our bathroom makeover(s).

How much of our lives do we spend in the bathroom? Obviously, the answer varies depending on what you do in the bathroom and how much mexican food you eat, but let's be ultra-conservative and say an hour a day. If you live to be 80 years old, that is almost 3.5 years of your life. I don't know about you but, given the choice, I'd prefer to spend mine in an oasis of awesomeness.

Preach it Honey Boo Boo Child! 
So that was one of the areas of our house we targeted for immediate improvement, along with the kitchen. The master closet is part of our master bath, so here is a link to the original post about how our clothes got some new digs. It started there. It ends here.

Let me preface by saying there was nothing structurally or functionally wrong with any of our bathrooms. I mean, they were some of the finest bathrooms 1981 had to offer. That was also the problem.

Don't get me wrong, 1981 was an epic year: Post-It notes were created, Raiders of the Lost Ark debuted and MTV launched. Most importantly, I was born that year. However, the bathroom style was anything but timeless.

We piggybacked our bathroom upgrade off of our kitchen reno, employing the same granite for the countertops in the master and guest bathrooms. Since the vanity in the 1/2 bath downstairs was brand-spanking-new (although you wouldn't know it from the top left pic) we chose to re-purpose it to save costs.

All three bathrooms got new energy-efficient thrones of the sleek, dual-flush variety. Fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets, new hardware and the mirrors were updated: Pottery Barn outlet his-and-hers in the master and re-purposed full wall mirror with trim frame in the guest. By the way, Knowledge Bomb #527: to give a dated wall mirror an instant upgrade for pennies on the dollar, just get some cheap trim from the hardware store and create a frame. Miter the edges, use silicone to adhere it to the mirror, caulk any gaps in the corners and paint.

Guest bath - notice the new mirror frame

Guest bath shower - custom double curtain setup

Inexplicably, we somehow failed to get a pic of the vanity area in the master bath, but lucky for you, it looked almost identical to that of the guest bath.

Master bath - vanity update

Master bath - kept tub, but updated light fixture and furnishings

1/2 bath downstairs

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