April 4, 2012

Now That's a Horse of a Different Color

And now for something completely different. Except, not. This isn't my first commissioned project. Hell, it's not even my first rocking horse! One of our friends commissioned me and my mad skills to create a rocking horse for a baby gift. It had been a while since I had made Campbell's, so it was almost like I was making it for the first time. But, this go-round, I had an actual physical example I could measure and work from, rather than doing the entire thing from scratch using a photo off the internet. So, I had that going for me, which was nice. I also now have way more tools than I used to, so I saved myself from extra work in some areas by upgrading from my primitive circular saw. Since words cannot accurately describe how infinitely better my saw situation has gotten since I got a sliding compound miter saw, I feel my thoughts are best illustrated as follows:

Sweet lip caterpillar and Oakleys
So, nothing really changed in the design of rocking horse 2.0, because I mean, really...if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It did get a different coat of paint and of course the distressing was different because how could you possibly replicate that from one piece to another (or why would you want to, I guess is the better question)? I will say, I'm a little jealous of this one because it rocks a little bit better than Campbell's. Because it was for someone else, I spent a little more time and effort making sure it was level and square and that the rockers were evenly surfaced. I briefly toyed around with the idea of giving this horse a monocle, mustache and top hat to make him look more distinguished and refined, but ultimately decided it would really only be appreciated by me or anyone who really likes Monopoly. So, looking less gentlemanly, here is how he turned out. Anyone else want one?

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