March 15, 2012

I've Missed You

Quick aside: I'm a bit biased because she's half me, but I think Campbell is pretty freaking cute. There are times though, where she makes some not-so-cute faces. Mostly when she's blowing out her diaper. I, on the other end, have no excuse, but I still make some pretty awesomely bad faces from time to time. (Editor's note: I was not blowing out my diaper when this picture was taken. Allegedly.)

Exhibit 1-A for why this baby is definitely mine.

My apologies for neglecting this blog for a bit longer than I wanted, but I have been really amping up my training for the 2012 thumb-wrestling world championships. Well, that, house-hunting with the Mrs., and working on several furniture projects for friends. Because of that, I unfortunately don't have any cool before/after photos of stuff I have done recently. BUT, we've been hitting up some estate sales recently, and if you want to see our latest find, then you might as well go buy a lottery ticket, because you happen to be the luckiest person in the world, cause that is what you're about to see.

Baby's gotta eat, so baby gets a high chair. Went to an estate sale a month or so ago, and saw this little gem tucked away in the corner of the attic. Although we had been looking for a high chair, our first visit happened to be on a Saturday, and as I've mentioned before, what has two thumbs and doesn't pay Saturday prices? *This guy* So, after conveniently tucking it away behind some other junk, thus making it hard to find, we came back the next day and got it for half of what we would've originally. $30. I did a quick search of the finest high chairs has to offer and found the cheapest one. This one is $34. You telling me you would rather pay more for that plastic beauty than the one we got at the estate sale? Give me the one that is completely made out of real wood and has decades of character, all day long.

Didn't do TOO much to this one, because we actually liked the red. Cleaned it up with some TSP, added some strategic distressing to complement what had already naturally occurred and put a couple of coats of Poly-crylic to seal it off. One thing that was missing though, was the strap. Campbell, at 5 months, is destined to be a future contortionist, so if I had not added a strap, every feeding would have required a body cleanup on aisle 3. Luckily, our youngest dog Knox had outgrown his nylon buckle collar a week earlier and so I just used that. Relax, people. I washed it first.


  1. very cute!!! Would love to have you come by and enter my “coastal” giveaway…you can find it on my sidebar.