February 1, 2012

Shutter Remix (Do It Your-shelf)

A while back, I had a little issue with an odd-shaped trashcan cubbie in the kitchen, with no door. So, I looked. And looked some more. Then I found an old window shutter that was the perfect width, cut it to the right height, added some hinges and I had a solution. Good thing I saved the rest of the shutter, because now I have another re-purposed piece to blog to you good people about. Remember the old spindle headboard I used for the bench? I cut the legs off to make the bench fit the back, but lucky for you and me...I saved them. They had old wood wheels and you just don't see that stuff anymore. I didn't know it then, but they would make perfect angled braces for this project. Throw in a salvaged board from one of my pallets and...'fo shizzle - a wall-mounted shutter shelf.

Before scraping/distressing

After scraping
Sorry about the weird green hue thing. It should actually be cream-colored. It's a shop, people, not a photo studio. So, I got rid of the 1st layer of mildew/paint/grime and then proceeded to distress it (hello blow torch!). Meanwhile, I sanded and stained one of the leftover boards from my pallet project and the leftover legs from the spindle headboard. I originally planned to do the whole thing the same color, but I was digging the way it was progressing and decided for a two-tone type of thing to add some contrast. It's my party. Gimme some cake and leave the presents by the door.  Here is how it turned out. What do you think?

Click the pic above to see it in super hi-def. Still working on making it 3D...

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