January 4, 2012

More Frames and Apology

Looking back at my original picture frame post, I think it is safe to say I got a little wordy. So, my apologies for that. Iin the interest of catering to those of you with short attention spans, for projects where I go through the steps, I will include that part at the end of the post. Here is how those other frames turned out. We ended up keeping the red one for ourselves for Campbell's pic.

The painting/distressing is the easy/fun part. Making the frames is a bit tougher. If you want to know how to do that, see my aforementioned long-winded explanation here.

Email me if you have questions/suggestions. I get pretty overwhelmed in the paint department and end up just choosing one of the first few I see. I would be interested to hear of some paint combos that have worked together on something you own/made.

Blue over black w/glaze

Purple crackle over green w/glaze (for my purple-loving sister)

Greenish/blue crackle over black w/dark stain

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