December 6, 2011

Getting Started

So, my new thing is playing with furniture. What started out as making a few picture frames for Christmas gifts has quickly snowballed into a full-blown hobby of creation, re-purposing, restoration and faux finishing. I've jumped head-first into this, with no regard for where it is going or what I am going to do with the stuff I make. It will start with a lot of trial and error, and a lot of the pieces I end up with in the early going are going to be crash test dummies, showing me what I can do better the next time around. I've been doing a lot of Googling and YouTube-ing, trying to find out about different techniques and projects, and spending more money than I should on things like paint, sandpaper, brushes and lumber. I'm planning on posting updates here on pieces I make and maybe even a quick description of how I did it, but we shall see how that develops. With a new baby, work and a wife that desperately needs my help around the house, I've got a pretty full schedule as it is. If my passion for my new hobby keeps up and I don't get bored with it, I will most likely try and monetize it somehow. But, for now at least, I'll settle for creating and updating pieces for our house, friends and family.

If you have a piece you want re-purposed or if you like one of the pieces I have already created, give me a shout. If you like what you see, or even if you don't, give me some feedback. I want to know what others think because after working on something, I'm a little too close to it to have an objective opinion. Also, if you have ideas about other projects I could work on or something you have seen someone else do that you thought was pretty cool, let me know. Feedback and suggestions can be sent to Stay tuned for some posts coming soon about my first few projects.

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